[Featured Destination- Bangkok] : Songkran Festival

Celebrates the traditional Thai New Year, Songkran, which is full of cultural and fun activities taking place from 13-15 April each year

Sukhothai Songkran Festival – 7 April to 19 April 2011:

Enjoy various forms of entertainment, food fair and riding on elephant back.

Songkran On The Beach & Phuket Bike Week 2011  – 10 April to 15 April 2011

Bike lovers would not want to miss the chance to see all amazing bikes and superbikes that would be appearing on the 17th annual Phuket Bike Week, in conjunction with the Songkran festival.

“Water fights” are commonly seen at various locations as part of the celebration. Locals would arm themselves with water guns, hoses and buckets to soak everyone to give and request for blessing through water. If you are out on the street for 3 to 4 days of the festival, most certainly you will get wet and perhaps be smeared with white powder.

Tips for visitors to the Songkran festival:

  • It is not advisable for ladies to wear thin white t shirts and tops as it can be revealing when wet.
  • A waterproof bag for your camera and mobile phones.
  • Make a photocopy of your passport to take out with you; it is perfectly legal for you to do so and leave all important documents in the hotel safe.
  • There is no point in washing your car before or during Songkran as it is sure to get white clay and water smears on it;
  • Ensure that you have topped up your windscreen wipers with plenty of water.

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