[Featured Destination- Jakarta] : Gastronomy experience in Jakarta

Jakarta is a gastronomic paradise for gourmet!

Image: Yan Arief under CC BY 2.0 

Fresh Seafood

Everfresh Fish Market is the place to head for fresh seafood prepared according to your preferred style. Begin your dining experience by selecting your seafood from the aquariums or from the displays.

Located at: Jl. Penjernihan I No. 8. Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta

Javanese food

Warung Mbah Jingkrak provides diners with exotic ambiance. The dining tables are situated in traditional Javanese garden, complete with pools and wooded bridges, not to mention the soothing traditional music along with the sound of the water fountain completes your whole dining experience. One of the must try dishes would be Rawon Klewung – a spicy beef stew with broth created from a variety of spices and blended into the simmering soup.

Located at:  Jl. Setiabudi Tengah No. 11, Kuningan, Jakarta

Chinese Indonesian Food

For authentic Chinese Indonesian food, Matahari Restaurant will be highly recommended by most locals. It might be slightly tricky to locate the restaurant but if you are in the mood for some walk, it certainly would be one of the best restaurants to patronize.

Located at:  Jl.Anggrek III No.5 Karet Perbanas

Some useful tips

1)    Muslims use Aslaam-o-Alaikum for both Hi and bye.

2)    Indonesian like their food sweet, so if you are not a sweet fan (especially in main course) would be good to inform the service staffs to reduce the sweetness level

3) Some useful Bahasa Indonesia words:

  •  Chicken(Ayan), Meat (Daging), Mutton (Kambing), Beef (Sapi), Milk (Susu)
  •  Teri Makasi (Thank you), Hi (hai), bye(selamat tinggal), How much (Berapa), Too expensive (Terlalu mahal), OK (Oke)

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