[Featured Destination- Jakarta] : Overview of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, where the fusion between traditional ideas meets the modern world.  The unique Indonesia Betawi culture is influenced by the Chinese, Arab, Portuguese and Dutch elements. This city attracts many tourists due to the vibrant nightlife, rich culture, historical monuments and religious places such as:

  • Famous harbour of Jakarta, Sunds Kelapa
  • Largest mosque of the country, Istiqlal Mosque
  • Baroque architecture church, The Immanuel Church
  • Javanese style puppet stories telling, Puppet Museum
  • Exihibits of olden days marine and boats, Maritime Museum
  • Best entertainment park in Indonesia, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Health tips for Jakarta travellers:

  • Avoid drinking tap water, as it is not for consumption
  • Get bottled water from nearest supermarket and at cheap F&B place avoid hot drinks (as they might use tap water), pick soft drink instead
  • It is advisable to carry packets of tissues as most public toilets do not provide toilet paper

Safety and traveling tips:

  • Pickpocketing does occur especially on crowded public transport
  • Blue bird taxi is one of the more reputable transport companies used by most locals
  • Do ensure the cab/taxi fare is charged by running the meters

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