[Featured Destination: London]: Royal Wedding 29th April 2011 (Planned Road closure)

Traveling in London during the Royal Wedding procession could be difficult with a large portion of central London closed to road traffic for 19 hours. You may want to avoid these areas if you are not a fan of squeezing with crowd or making last minute de-touring due to road closure.

Hyde Park

Hundreds of thousands are anticipated to gather in this park where the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middelton will be shown live on giant TV screens.

Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Whitehall, Westminster Abbey

This is the route that the royal couple will be taking during the wedding procession where thousands will be lined along the route to be part of the celebration.

Roads between Lambeth Bridge and Waterloo Bridge

These roads will be closed from 4am, and tentatively scheduled to re-open by 11pm depending on the crowd and time taken to remove the security barriers. This closure might further affect up to the south and as far north as Piccadilly and the Strand.

Vauxhall Bridge and Piccadilly Circus, Knightsbridge Station, Edgware Road and Marylebone Road

These roads might be closed if the crowd turns up to be larger than expected as a measurement to enable the safety disperse of the crowd.


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