[Featured Destination: London]: From Dawn to Dusk

Be mesmerized by the wonderful scenery where you could catch awesome views of the London’s dawn and dusk.

Tower Bridge

The iconic bridge in London was completed in 1894, that is of 265 meter long. It is designed as a moveable bridge which can be opened to accommodate boat traffic due to the proximity to the harbour. Due to the magnificent views during the dawn and dusk time, visitors will never leave without taking a couple of shots of the Tower Bridge as the backdrop.

Nowadays it is only raised approximately 1000 times a year unlike the past of 50 times, daily. The bridge lifts are pre-scheduled; detailed timing is listed at http://www.towerbridge.org.uk/TBE/EN/BridgeLiftTimes/

Inside the bridge is the Tower Bridge exhibition that encompasses the walkway between the two bridge towers, where visitors could observe the Victorian engine room and learn more on the bridge history via various mediums.

Currently the bridge is undergoing a renovation project that should be completed in 2012.

The London Eye

Image: Dorron under CC BY 2.0

The symbol of modern Britain, the London Eye is the most popular attraction in UK. A ride on the London Eye’s capsules, passengers will be charmed by the views of up to 40 kilometers in all directions.

 The Albert Bridge at Chelsea

Image: Monica Arellano-Ongpin under CC BY 2.0

Spanned across the river Thames from Chelsea to Battersea, this bridge was built as a dedication to the Queen Victoria’s husband. The design was built in a grand Victorian manner, a vaguely oriental feel with ornate appearance that includes lanterns and pagodas. The view at night is stunning when it is flood lit.

It is one of the few historical bridges in London that is still in operation despite of the weight limit of 2 tons.

The bridge is salvaged in 1973 from the fate of being demolished due to the inability to cope with modern traffic load. Now it is supported with the add-ons of concrete supports to the bridge and a lighter deck installed.

Round Pond in Kensington Gardens

Image: garryknight under CC BY 2.0

Located at the west end of Kensington Gardens, near to Kensington Palace, this pond is a serene place with swans and other birds at the pool. Cycling is allowed on the designated path linking the Queen’s Gate to West Carriage Drive, Mount Gate to the Broadwalk and the broadwalk itself from Black Lion Gate to Palace Gate.

Located in the park is The Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground,which is a fantastic adventure spot for kids up to the age of 12.

The park is open from 6m to dusk all year round.


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