[Featured Destination: Manila]: Commuting in Manila

Traveling within Manila can be challenging due to the heavy traffic especially during peak hour and/or rainy season.

Jeepneys in Manila, Image: jdn under CC BY 3.0

Jeepneys will be an affordable transportation that is unique in Manila. It provides one of the fastest ways to get around the city, costing an average of 7-8 Pesos. It is recommended to consider the taxi for safety reasons during night time.

Taxi charges in Manila is of reasonable price and one could enjoys the air-conditioning while the traffic comes to a halt. A taxi ride will seldom costs more than 200 Pesos for a long journey. It is illegal for a taxi driver to gives you fixed price without following the meter and the usual  flag down rates cost 30 Pesos.

Tricycle in Manila Image:  GGuillaume under CC BY 3.0

Tricycle is another form of interesting transportation to consider. It is similar to Thailand’s tuk-tuk and prices are based on the distance from the origin to destination.

Water bus provides tourists a view of the Pasig River that connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay, stretching for 25 kilometers. The Pasig River was the center of commerce for Manila till it became a victim of the urban pollution during World War II. Due to the efforts of the NGOs and local government, now the Pasig River’s easements, 3 to 10 meters wide, have been declared as environmental protection areas and transformed into public parks and esplanades, which provide tourists with a pleasant cruising experience along the Pasig River.


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