Special Feature: Ideas for Mother’s Day gifts

Most people around the world will celebrate Mother’s Day on this year 8th May, Sunday. Often, children will feel troubled on what Mother’s Day gifts to get for their mothers.

Besides the usual flowers, cards and dining, it might be good to explore alternative gift ideas. Here are some tips that might be useful.

If your mother is a do-it-yourselfer:

Pay attention to what tools she might want to complete her set. A dozen tools to complement her existing set will be better than a dozen roses. Instead of gift certificates to spa and facials, why not consider a gift certificate to her favourite hardware store. As a DIY lover, she will definitely feel empowered and a sense of achievement when she managed to finish/ build/ craft an item with the tools you give.

If your mother is a green lover:

Ergonomic hand tools, gardening book, sun hat or garden accessories will trigger the adrenaline rush and glow in her!

If your mother is a gadget lover:

It might be the time for you to upgrade her digital camera/ camcorder/ notebook/ desktop to the latest models available in the market. Feel the pinch to part with such a big sum of money? A fancy computer program or computer mouse or webcam might do the trick too!

If your mother is a handicraft lover:

A homemade gift will simply melts her heart with some simple creativity involved.

1) Scrapbook to honour your mother’s unique qualities:

Organize a series of photos in a short album or album page which depict the wonderful personality traits of your mother as a way to recognize and appreciate her for who she is.

2) Picture poem:

Gather not more than 10 pictures representing the favorite moments with your Mom. Add a word to the bottom of each picture and put them in a series that creates a short sentence to express your love for her. (E.e, You are the Best/ My Mom, My Best Friend etc).

3) Keepsake Box:

Looking for a more practical handicraft that she can use? A keepsake box will be an ideal gift. All you need is just a small wooden or cardboard box and engage your creativity to decorate the box with stylish fabric/ materials. Mount your favorite photograph taken with her on the lid of the box to complete the gift as a personal and stylish present.


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