[Featured Destination: Edinburgh]: Fast Fact on Edinburgh

Edinburgh, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, renowned for its year-round festivals is second to London in terms of tourism. This city is also the host of the yearly biggest New Year street party in the world known as Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. During the Summer and Winter festivals, the streets of Edinburgh will have many activities engaging both locals and tourists.


Similar to the rest of the Britain, UK Pound is used in Edinburgh and Scotland. As each Scottish bank has its own design, visitors will not need to be alarmed if each time your currency exchange note is of different designs.


Edinburgh has a moderate year round climate with favorably mild temperatures from April to September compared to the other European cities.  Summer is the best time to visit Edinburgh and be greeted by a warm and pleasant clear blue sky.

Travel within Edinburgh:

The Lothian Buses DayTicket enables unlimited traveling on Lothian Buses within Edinburgh at 3.20 Pound for adults and 2 Pound for children aged 5-15 years old. City tour sightseeing is available by purchasing the City Bus Tour tickets at the starting point of the tour located at Edinburgh and Scotland Information Centre.

Short term parking is available for tourists who drive into the city. Motorcycle can be parked for free of charge in designated areas. Take note on certain parking restrictions to follow throughout the city. Parking attendants conduct regular checking throughout the city on the validity of the vehicles’ parking tickets. Remember to move your vehicle once the parking ticket expires.


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