[Featured Destination:Edinburgh]: 1 day in Edinburgh

If you only has a day to spend in Edinburgh, one of the great ways to tour around the city is to hitch onto the open-top bus tour. This tour follows a circuit through the Old Town and the 18th century Georgian New Town. Alternatively,explore the city by foot will bring you to a deeper understanding towards the long heritage of Scotland.

Famous attractions not to be missed:

Edinburgh Castle, Image: roger4336 under CC BY 3.0

1) Edinburgh Castle is Scotland’s top attraction, which offers the best view of Edinburgh from the castle ramparts.

2) Embrace the finest Scotch Whisky Experience, offering you with 300 years of whisky history, inclusive of a free dram or soft drink during the tour. The visitor centre houses the Amber restaurant offering Scottish cuisine, a great place to take a mid-day break and indulge in authentic Scottish food.

Palace of Holyroodhouse, Image: dwbnyc under CC BY 3.0

3) For the second half of the day, explore along the Royal Mile with museums and visitor centres covering weaving to childhood toys! Otherwise, jump back onto the tour bus and visit the official residence of the Scotland Majestic, The Queen – the Palace of Holyroodhouse. A tour at the Palace enables one to have a better understanding towards the rich Scotland monarchy history.

4) After a long day of traveling and walking, it is time to have some well deserved rest and end the day with a glass of Scotch Whisky.


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