[Featured Destination: Suzhou]: Shopping in Suzhou

Shan Tang Jie

Mao Memorabilia, Image: Zoom Zoom under CC BY 3.0

Shan Tang Jie located along the canal called Shan Tang Canal is divided into two sections, a tourist section and residence section. There is a nice collection of shops selling embroidery, paintings, sculptures and Mao memorabilia within the tourist section . A walk along the residence section enable you to have a glimpse of the traditional life where residents will wash the clothes and fish along the canal.

Shi Lu Pedestrian Street

A new rebuilt shopping area with a wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars. This place houses the largest dry fountain – the fountain of Bei Shi Lu Square in Suzhou. It is a good place to look for cheap and good quality tea leaves.

Shi Quan Jie

A place that is popular amongst expats due to the unique vibe and strong Chinese culture. A shopping street with loads of silk products, embroideries, artworks and paintings where one will be spoilt with choices while shopping for souvenirs. Most bars, pubs and restaurants are located along this street which makes it a perfect hang out place to dine and chill in Suzhou.

Hu Qiu Lu Wedding Dress Street

Located in Huqi Scenic Area of the Suzhou old city is the famous wedding dress street with hundreds of wedding dress shops. This is a good place for the ladies to tailor-made traditional cheong-sams by experienced and skillful tailors.

Fengqiao Da Jie

Buildings along this street are in Ming and Qing Dynasty architectures with rows upon rows of shop houses retailing antiques, rosewood cravings to sandalwood fans and calligraphies accessories such as ink sticks, ink slabs and paper.

Suzhou Wei Tang “China Pearl and Germs City”

This is the largest market for freshwater pearls of China. There are over 130 booths within this market with some of these booths offering custom-made and tailor-made pearl accessories.


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