Istanbul – Travelers Delight!!

Istanbul,  once known as the capital of capital cities is the largest city of Turkey. It is an enchanting blend of Eastern and Western cultures, a vibrant, modern city, with a unique identity. It is the only city in the world to straddle two continents, and the only one to have been a capital during two consecutive empires – Christian and Islamic. Set  in a stunning location, surrounded by water, the narrow strait of the Bosphorus and the serene sea of Marmara separates the city into Europe and Asia.  

Once capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul still remains the commercial, historical and cultural pulse of Turkey.

Its rich past coexists alongside its youthful exuberance. The legacy of its chequered past can be seen on every turn of the modern city. With its thousands of years of history, Istanbul is like a labyrinth, its layers are intertwined and every corner of it is full of surprises.

Istanbul is an exciting, multicultural city, filled with exceptional tourist attractions and character. A host of historic palaces, mosques and basilicas illustrate the generations of development that have taken place here under multiple empires. Virtually all of the tourist attractions within Istanbul are of a historical nature, dating back to several different eras. The buildings here are the reflection of the various empires that have ruled here. Genoese, Roman, and even Greek forms of architecture remain visible in Istanbul alongside their Ottoman counterparts. While the Hagia Sophia  imperial mosques dominate much of the city’s skyline, the city is also home to a number of historic churches and synagogues.

The thriving shopping area of Taksim buzzes with life and entertainment. And the serene beauty of the Bosphorus, Princes Islands and parks bring a touch of peace to the otherwise chaotic metropolis.

Fraser Place Anthill Istanbul is a brand new serviced apartment located in the prestigious Anthill premier residential development in the Bomonti district of Istanbul. The 2 iconic towers are Istanbul’s tallest structure which enjoys 360° magnificent views over the Bosphorus Strait, the Blue Mosque and the historic town.

   The below attractions are all located in Sultanahmet and surrounding areas, within 15 minutes drive from Fraser Place Anthill Istanbul.

  • Topkapı Palace
  • Blue Mosque
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya)
  • Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art
  • Archeological Museum
  • Binbirdirek Cistern
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Spice Market (Egyptian Market)
  • Yeni Camii
  • Eminonu – 12 min by car
  • İstanbul Modern Museum – 10 min by car
  • Golden Horn District – 15 min by car


  • Dolmabahce Palace – 5 min by car
  • İstanbul Naval Museum – 5 min by car
  • Ortakoy night life – 10 min by car


  • Levent and Maslak business districts – 15 min by car
  • Perpa Business Centre – 2 min by car


  • Nisantasi – 5 mins with car
  • Taksim Square / İstiklal Street – 5 min by car
  • Taksim Square / Fransiz Street – 5 min by car
  • Kuruçeşme and Bebek districts – 10 min by car

Being in the heart of Istanbul, Fraser Place  Anthill,  will be  an ideal choice if you are on vacation, a weekend break or on a business trip.


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