Suzhou – Modern City with Rich Heritage

Dating back to 514BC, Suzhou is the traditional cradle of Wu culture, and today is an intriguing mix of the ancient and the modern. The original double-chessboard layout of the streets and waterways remains intact, and the city proudly retains the gardens that it has long been renowned for. Yet alongside these charming reminders of its historic past, modern buildings, shopping & entertainment zones, residential areas and commercial hubs point the way to China’s future.                                                                                      Located in the centre of the Yangtze Delta, in the south of the Jiangsu province, Suzhou has been called the Venice of the East, perhaps appropriately, as water covers some 42% of the city’s area. Apart from its famous lakes, the city is justifiably famous for its resplendent gardens. There are approximately 60 of them, and some have been included in the World Heritage List, including the Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lingering Garden, Garden of Master of Nets and Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty.          
 Suzhou is known for producing exquisite silk embroidery and handicrafts, and Shi Quan Street is the place to visit for a ready supply of silk fans or other silk souvenirs. Sandalwood fans, which offer a delightful scent when used, and snuff boxes are other local craft items that would make excellent souvenirs and gifts.                                                     The local cuisine leans towards light, delicate flavours, and freshwater fish and shellfish are popular. A local specialty that has proved popular with visitors is Song Shu Gui Yu, fish meat cut into strips, breaded in flour and fried, then served with pine nuts and sweet-and-sour sauce. Guan Qian Street is famous for authentic Suzhou cuisine and snacks.                                                                                         The Suzhou Industrial Park, a joint Singaporean-Chinese development, encircles Jinji Lake. The area belies its designation of industrial and commercial hub, with its numerous parks and residential areas. The western and northern shores lie adjacent to the city proper, and boast vast promenades and parks, as well as cultural attractions, entertainment and shopping, such as the Grand Promenade, Arts and Entertainment Village and Marina Cove.                                                                                                             The lake’s eastern and southern shores feature a more easygoing ambience, with areas like Reflection Point and Mirror’s Crossing offering a more serene ambience.

For your comfortable stay in Suzho, Frasers Hospitality has the Fraser Suites Suzhou.  Occupying a prime location in the Central Business District of Suzhou Industrial Park gives Fraser Suites Suzhou tremendous advantages. Its proximity to the financial centre puts it within easy reach of key businesses and buildings, and near leisure and entertainment facilities. It is easily connected to the nearby future metro station, making everyday commuting a breeze. If the need arises to venture further, the high speed Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Rail offers simple access to the major cities of the region.                                                     Fraser Suites Suzhou lies within Global 188, a milestone multi-purpose living, office, leisure and commercial development that fuses modern high-tech design with traditional Wu culture. The 55-storey building, located in west of Jinji Lake, is destined to be an iconic landmark in the city with the multi-faceted crowns of its twin towers glittering like giant diamonds in the sunlight.                                                             The views from Suzhou’s tallest building are breathtakingly spectacular, particularly from the Sky lounge on the top floor. Visitors to Jinji Lake will find vast open spaces and waterfront parks, featuring traditional architecture and craftsmanship of the area – ideal for a morning jog or a leisurely stroll with the family. Shopping needs are well catered to with a nearby mall and the renowned Zuo An commercial street.                                                                       With its ideal central location in the bustling heart of the city, everything one could want or need is within easy reach.



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