Curry Laksa

Singapore has often been described as Asia’s food capital and this city-state’s mind staggering assortment of food from all over the world promises to wow even the most seasoned gourmand’s taste buds. Singapore’s food scene has it all, from Indian to Peranakan, Turkish to Chinese, and Greek to Malay cuisine. If its tasty and fits on a plate, bowl, sheet of foil, banana leaf, or pineapple husk, it will be eaten.

The next dish featured in this series is the Curry Laksa. This dish is originally a Peranakan creation with thick rice noodles, prawns, fishcakes, hard boiled eggs, chopped beansprouts, and cockles served in a spicy orangey coconut cream based soup. Laksa is commonly served with a generous serving of sambal chilli and garnished with a sprinkling of chopped Vietnamese coriander leaves.

Like many Peranakan dishes, the laksa recipe has since evolved into several variations as a result of regional influences. One such variant is the Nyonya laksa, a strongly spiced laksa with a rich and creamy coconut gravy. Arguably the most delicious laksa in Singapore can be found in the Katong district. Aptly named the ‘Katong Laksa’, the rice noodles are cut up into smaller pieces so that one can taste both the noodles and broth in one mouthwatering bite. This laksa dish is so popular that there are usually long queues of people waiting in line, and it has been referred by some as Singapore’s unofficial national dish. So if you’re ever in Singapore, this dish is one not to be missed.


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