[Featured destination] – Shopping in Chengdu

Being the provincial capital and largest city of Sichuan Province in southwest China, Chengdu has always been prosperous as a result of its abundant mineral resources. Regarded as the political, commercial and economic capital of Sichuan, Chengdu is also the city where the Southern Silk Road started. In addition to its rich history, profound culture, and historic places of interest such as those mentioned in our earlier articles, Chengdu is a great shopping destination as well. Though not as famous as other Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, Chengdu is a shopping paradise epitomized by the ancient culture of Shu which adds a local flavor to one’s shopping experience. Things to look out for: Shu brocade and embroidery, lacquer wares, silver inlaid products, bamboo products, and local products.

Shu brocade and embroidery – During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Shu exported their richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics to foreign countries like Japan and Persia. Their products proved to be hugely popular, so much so that the profits were used to finance the military. Multiple colors are used for the fabrics and there is a unique technique used for extracting colors from plants. Silk woven and durable, Shu Embroidery is known for its superb craftsmanship. Combining a unique technique of embroidery and its bold colors, the fabrics resemble Chinese ink paintings embroidered on satins. One such masterpiece in the Great Hall of the People is called the Cottonrose Hibiscus and the Carp.

Lacquer wares – Renowned for its ability to resist corrosion, aging, and its unique gloss, Chengdu lacquer ware has a history dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period (475B.C.-221 B.C.) and the Warring States Period (221B.C.-207 B.C.). Chengdu lacquer ware first came to prominence in 1972 when the Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs were uncovered, a large number of exquisite Chengdu lacquer ware pieces were discovered. Researchers were astonished to discover that despite enduring over 2,000 years, the pieces were still unblemished and glossy! Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that there is 72 procedures that has to be followed from start to finish, not to mention the fact that the roughcast must have been in storage for 30-40 years before lacquering.

Silver inlaid products and bamboo products – The most notable feature about Chengdu’s silver inlaid products is that they are made with silver threads no thicker than 3mm! Renowned for it’s silver inlaid technology, the famous silver threads of Chengdu can be found on screens, tea wares and vases. Bamboo products are considered not only as household necessities but also as decorations. With its land abundant with bamboo, there are plenty of bamboo products such as baskets, fans, chairs, tables etc.

Local products – There are plenty of local products that we want to suggest but doing that will probably mean this article will be way too long! So some of the more popular ones are Chinese jasmine tea, Maofeng tea, hot pickled mustard tuber, mix-flavoured horsebean, Lao Cheng Du (Old Chengdu), and Dengying (shadow) dried beef. It is said to be so thin that light is able to shine through it! While we understand that you will probably want to buy everything, whether as gifts or for yourself, we recommended checking ones country’s custom restrictions before hand.

Shopping – Most of Chengdu’s shopping centers can be found at Chunxi Road, Zongfu Road and Luomashi Area. Visitors can find a wide selection of wares, with everything from souvenirs and street stall items to supermarket and department stores goods. There are shopping malls, big department stores, specialty shops, and small stands can be found around the areas. If you only have time to go to one area, you should head to Chunxi Road.  Offering products ranging from souvenirs to living and travelling necessities. this is the must-visit shopping area in  Chengdu! With a history of 70 years, Chunxi Road is considered as the most typical and prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Chengdu. This area has department stores, boutiques, modern cafes, and a spacious square.

Next to Chunxi Road is Yanshikou commercial circle. Other shopping options such as the People’s Department Store, Chengdu Department Emporium, and Renhe Spring Department Store and more are all concentrated here. Local food specialties can be found at Hongqi Department Store where you can buy Shu brocade, bamboo-woven crafts, preserved ham and alcoholic beverages such as Jiannanchun and Quanxing Da Qu.

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