National Gallop – Budapest

Frasers Hospitality1000 years of Hungarian history, 6200 square meters racetrack, 380 horses, and a whopping €70,000 cash prize! Hold your horses everyone, we’re not talking about the atypical horse races here although you would be forgiven for thinking so. We are however talking about the Budapest National Gallop, held this year from the 14 – 18 September. A major cultural event in Budapest, primarily equestrian in its focus although it is still fundamentally a horse riding competition. If you are a fan of beautiful running horses, good food and vibrant fairs then the Budapest National Gallop (Nemzeti Vagta) is a must see event for you!

This unique Hungary tradition goes back to when the seven Magyar tribes settled themselves in the Carpathian basin and soon established themselves as horsemen. These wandering Hungarian tribes travelled great distances on horseback, fought and hunted on horseback, shot their arrows backwards while on horseback, ate and drank on horseback, etc. In fact a typical Hungarian horseman might feel more comfortable being on a horse than on his own two feet!

The National Gallop is one of the most anticipated events in the Hungarian calendar and is attended by hundreds of thousands of spectators. Rather than having to go out to the countryside, this equestrian festival is held in the city centre – Heroes’ Square, making it more accessible and popular with visitors. The event is essentially a culmination of fairs, exhibitions, war games, riding schools, food and drink tents! Every year, more than 100 Hungarian towns and cities participate in this event. can find hundreds of booths with people from all over the country showing off their traditions and heritage. Taking a closer look, visitors can find traditional blacksmiths pounding horseshoes or costumed women embroidering traditional Hungarian flower motifs as well as traditional cuisine and folk music as well. It is said that one can taste all the best Hungarian dishes and drinks in the Kitchen of Hungary in this festival! Although horse riding has since evolved into an expensive sport/hobby, it is still enjoyed by most Hungarians who still hold on dear to their horse-riding heritage as a spectator sport.

For a detailed list of the programs, check out the Budapest National Gallop site.

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