Discover The World’s Largest Event Dedicated To Chocolates!!!

Considered the world’s most important event dedicated to Chocolates, The Salon du Chocolat, is the not-to-be-missed event for those who share a passion for this exceptional product. Inescapable meeting of the lovers of chocolate, the Chocolate trade fair is being  held Porte de Versailles from October 31st to November 4th. The event gives the perfect opportunity for visitors to discover the chocolate trends of the year and buy the finest products in privileged conditions.

This year The Salon du Chocolat, has brought  together nearly 150 European and international chocolatiers in Paris.

Considered a  link between those who grow cocoa and those who consume chocolate, this event attracts  international cocoa growers, the best chocolatiers, unique exhibitions and recipes demonstrations.


Chocolate Dresses

Every year, the Salon  has special events, celebrations and performances.                                                                                                       Some of them have become iconic like the famous Chocolate Dresses Fashion Show.

The theme for  2012 Salon du Chocolat is “The New Worlds of Chocolate,” displaying new tastes, new territories, new trends and new talents from all over the world. On display are creations by the greatest chocolatiers from France and around the world.

The show is dedicated to the chocolate and all its facets: gastronomic, artistic, cultural and thus it becomes the appointment of all the gourmands, who have the pleasure to discover, with masters- chocolate makers, the customs and the knowledge hiding behind the chocolate.

This is a sweet celebration for the whole family where chocolate lovers can taste various types and forms of excuisite chocolate.

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