Jakarta Weekend Getaways

Jakarta, is the capital of Indonesia  and is among the vacation spots by tourists. Like any big city it has its hustle and bustle and also has a lot to offer and explore. The Peak with ViewBut its always a good idea to take a break from the city, whether for a day trip or a weekend trip to appreciate better of what Indonesia has to offer. These places can be a great escape from the fast paced city life.

Bandung – Bandung (Indonesian: Kota Bandung) is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia, and the country’s third largest city, approximately 140 km southeast of Jakarta. Bandung has cooler temperatures year-around than most other Indonesian cities.  The city lies in a river basin surrounded by volcanic mountain.  The biggest attraction in Bandung is the Mount of Tebgkuban Perahu Volcano Crater. The Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano, located 30 km from city of Bandung. It is the only crater in Indonesia where you can drive up to its rim and take a look at the huge pool of water in the crater. You can actually smell the sulphur fumes that are emitted by the volcano.

Originally established in the late 19th century as a colonial garrison town, Bandung grew into a town for wealthy planters and that converted it into a town of the European elite. In the 1920’s this was the Dutch “social” capital of Java with rich expatriates heading up into the mountains to take advantage of Bandung’s cooler climate. They also built many Art Nouveau buildings which were fashionable at the time. They include the beautiful Villa Isola, – now housing the University for Education-, the Concordia, the present Asian-African Museum, which was then the Society’s Clubhouse- , the main Braga shopping center, where the Dutch colonial elite went to shop, and the Savoy-Homann and Preanger hotels, where they would overnight and hold grand balls.

It is well worth a visit for a weekend or longer and both the drive  and the train journey are a must. The train journey itself is spectacular with the train crossing towering gorges over layered rice fields on thin bridges – almost giving the effect that the train is “flying” when you look out and see only space.

Bogor Botannical Gardens – Loctaed 60 kms south of Jakarta, Bogor can be said as the suburb of Jakarta city. Due to its high altitude, the climate in Bogor is a lot more comfortable and embracing a steep valley, Bogor’s scenery is plentiful. Bogor’s pride and joy is  the extensive Botanical Gardens . The gardens stretch out over 87 hectares, parts carefully manicured like the palace gardens they are, parts seeming like wild jungle at first glance  with lakes, two rivers and hilly trails. There are more than 10.000 species and feature a world famous collection of impressive wild plantlife from all over the globe.  They were imported by Sir Stamford Raffles in the 19th century when Britain still wielded influence over Indonesia If one is lucky, one may be able to spot a blooming giant arum (Amorphophallus titanum), the world’s tallest inflorescence (flower cluster) which can reach an astounding 2.5 m and smells like rotting meat. Within the grounds of the park  there is also the Presidential Palace.

Pelabuhan Ratu (PR) – This is a delightful sleepy fishing village and resort area about a 3 hour drive from Jakarta. Pelabuhan Ratu – Cisolok is a 15 km stretch of breathtaking beauty with hills, mountains and very wide sandy beaches everywhere around, set against the deep blue Indian Ocean. This beach consists of gently sloping sandy beaches, coastal rocks, steep beach, and beaches with steep cliffs.  Right next to stretches of white beaches, there are thick tropical forests on rolling hills.  A walk up the hills brings to the beautiful view of the horseshoe shape of the bay’s coastline, and at night the sea lights up with hundreds of fishermen’s boat-lamps, seemingly competing with the star-studded sky above, giving  both  an enchanting and romantic view.

Puncak Pass –  Puncak, literally translates to Peak, is a weekend getaway that has beautiful view of tea plantation, lush rain forest  with fresh air and mountain scenery. Located about 100 KM South of Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia, Puncak swarms with hotels and mountain resorts.

Thousand Islands – Located 45 km north from the city, A string of 105 islands stretching 45 kilometres north into the Java Sea this part of Jakarta offers a huge change in pace and experience from the hustle and bustle of the city, but is near enough to enjoy the exhilarating marine environment within just one weekend  excursion. One can enjoy diving, snorkeling and fishing, or just laze in the sun with nothing to disturb one’s mind except the chirping of birds amidst the gentle lapping of the waves. The idyllic Thousand Islands are in fact a marine nature conservation area.

Anyer & Carita  Beaches on the Sunda Strait Coast –Anyer is a beach town in West Java Indonesia, approximately 110 km from Jakarta. Anyer is a starting point of the Great Post Road, built by the Dutch in the nineteenth century, a 1,000 kilometers road that connected West Java to the tip of East Java. Anyer is also home of a forty meter lighthouse built under the reign on Queen Wilhemina of Holland in 1885. This lighthouse is erected as a memorial for the townspeople killed by the eruption of Krakatau mountain. Main activities for the visitors are water activities such as Jet Ski, Surf, Speed Boat, Para Sailing, and Banana Boat.

Carita beach is about a three-hour drive along the highway to the west of Jakarta, and has a great beach for swimming, as the waters are relatively calm on this side of the island. A great place for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and underwater photography.

For your stay in Jakarta, Fraser Residence Sudirman Jakarta, Screen shot 2012-12-11 at PM 12.02.25 is located in the prime area of the city’s central business district, known locally as the Golden Triangle. Bounded on three sides by busy thoroughfare, Jl. Sudirman, Jl. Gatot Subroto and Jl. Rasuna Said, this neighborhood is home to many prestigious office towers, government offices and embassies. Here, one is at the economic and commercial heart of rapidly developing Jakarta, making transport and commuting a breeze.

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at PM 12.02.50

The city offers a rich palate of international cuisines, many of which can be found within walking distance of Fraser Residence Jakarta. The prime shopping malls, such as Grand Indonesia, Plaza Senayan and Plaza Indonesia each boast shopping spaces over 100,000 sq.m, and are just a short drive away. The city abounds with numerous other malls, shopping centres and local markets.

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at PM 12.01.29


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