Edinburgh’s Hogmanay – One of the biggest street parties in the world!

New Year’s Eve is probably one of the most widely celebrated days of the year; parties, countdowns, concerts etc. The Scottish in particular have a long rich heritage associated with this day. In fact, they even have their own name for it, Hogmanay. news1195
The celebration lasts through the night until the morning of New Year’s day. Little tidbit of history here, Hogmanay is the Scots word for the last day of the year and is synonymous with the celebration of the Gregorian New Year. The etymology of the word is obscure, at best. Some say it was introduced to Middle Scots through the Auld Alliance, other say it was derived from 16th century Old French. In Scotland, Hogmanay is considered to be as or more important than  Christmas eve or Christmas day.

The festivities for Hogmanay or New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh are eagerly awaited by the thousands of people who attend each year. There is plenty to see and do over the New Year period, and spirits are high, despite the cold temperatures.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay festivities kick off with a torchlight procession in the streets of the Old Town. On the evening of the 31st December a major open air concert will take place in West Princes Street Gardens with many well known singers and bands appearing on the line up at this prestigious event. Finally a giant street party takes place and a fantastic firework display from the Castle will see in the New Year with style.

For further details on the celebrations, please click on this link


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