[My City] – My Paris by Sylvie Pham

My City’ is an original Frasers series where we share anecdotal stories and city recommendations of our staff from various properties all over the world. From Asia’s key gateway cities of Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing to the European cities of Paris, London, Edinburgh and the Middle East. ‘My City’  is an intriguing and refreshing new take on a city’s attractions and things to do.

My Paris by Sylvie Pham

Image courtesy of Wikipedia – credit to Myrabella

If you have never been to Paris, the first place I recommend is Montmartre! From the top of the hill, visitors have an amazing view of Paris (you can see the Eiffel Tower, Beaubourg museum, etc.). As Montmartre is also the principal artistic center of Paris, all forms of art from pop art, portrait to impressionism and various museums can be found here. It is not uncommon for people to lose track of time when browsing through Montmartre’s artistic world.  The world famous La Basilique du Sacré Coeur is located at the hill’s summit with its white dome easily visible from a distance.


Best Restaurant  

L’Entrepot. This is a warehouse with many things under one roof. It has a very nice restaurant/bar, where you can have cocktails or a meal in a sweet and charming garden. There are a number of galleries with different exhibitions from painting, photography, and sculpture to literature, humanism and science.  You can also listen to live bands play an array of music such as jazz, classical and world. There is also a cinema in the warehouse that shows films in its original version!

One place with several things to do!

Lentrepot website

Best Fun Thing to Do

I love going to Place Monge (5th district of Paris) on Sundays to visit the open market where I can buy my baguette and cheese. Place Monge doesn’t just have bread and cheese; you can also find every good Lebanese food and flowers for your lover 😉 After a bit of shopping, I love walking up and down Rue Mouffetard. Rue Mouffetard is a little and charming Parisian street, where nothing is closed on Sunday. There are Chocolat shops, fruit’shops, shoes shops etc. On a sunny day you can even have a massage for free! Finally I love stopping over at Mona Lisait, a quaint bookstore selling classic French literature, poetry and more.

Mona Lisait link

*Sylvie Pham is an Attachée Commerciale Séminaires for Fraser Hospitality Paris, and loves her baguette, cheese and classic french literature. 

Frasers Hospitality


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