[My City] – My Bahrain by Kristina Balitaan

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My City’ is an original Frasers series where we share anecdotal stories and city recommendations of our staff from various properties all over the world. From Asia’s key gateway cities of Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing to the European cities of Paris, London, Edinburgh and the Middle East. ‘My City’  is an intriguing and refreshing new take on a city’s attractions and things to do.

My Bahrain by Kristina Balitaan

Best tourist attraction – Bahrain Fort (Qal’at al-Bahrain)

Historically, this is one of Bahrain’s most important sites. The fort itself was built in the 14th century by the Portuguese but excavations at the site reveal six other distinct eras of the place, dating back to the Dilmun era or around 3000BC during which time it may have been the island’s capital.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, credit to Jayson De Leon

The adjacent museum does an excellent job tracing the history of the area from the time of Alexander the Great to the present. There are fascinating Greek, Persian, and Arab artifacts on display in the interactive exhibit. The attached cafe is an excellent place for great coffee and pastry with a great view of Manama’s eclectic skyline.

More info on here.

Best restaurant – BICE Bahrain

A high-end New York based Italian restaurant with an international network. BICE was founded in 1926 in Milano by Beatrice Ruggeri. Bice, as called by her family and friends, was known for extraordinary hospitality and personal warmth. Bice in Bahrain was opened in World Trade Center last December 2011. The BICE lounge is really popular with the ladies on Fridays as they get a complimentary cocktail in the stylish surroundings.

Photos of Bice, Manama
This photo of Bice is courtesy of TripAdvisor

More info here.

Best Island Adventure – Al Dar Island Sitra Fisherman’s Port, Bahrain

This is the best getaway to escape the city and relax. It is only a 20 minute drive from Manama city to Sitra Fisherman’s Port and then 10 minutes by sea taxi. Compact, friendly and imbued with a refreshing joie de vivre that puts visitors at ease immediately, this unassuming little destination is the perfect place to put your life on hold for a few hours.

Photos of Al Dar Islands Bahrain, Manama
This photo of Al Dar Islands Bahrain is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The island’s burgeoning popularity is attributable to a range of factors. Families appreciate getting the opportunity to let their kids splash around with impunity in the shallow waters. There’s also peddle-boats, kayaks and a range of junior-friendly boat excursions available including a dolphin watching tour and trips to some of the nearby islands. Regular dance parties and a chill out youthful atmosphere is why Al Dar Island is one of the hippest destinations in Bahrain now.

More info here.

Kristina Balitaan

*Kristina was born in Manila, Philippines where she graduated from Lyceum of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service. She joined the Fraser family in 2008 where she is currently the senior reservation officer at Fraser Suites Bahrain. Kristina is an adventurous person who loves visiting new places, and in between work and traveling, nothing makes her happier than curling up on the couch and watching a movie.


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