Shanghai – the crown jewel of China

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With a urban population of over 24 million, Shanghai is the epitome of China’s exhilarating growth in the 21st century. This constantly evolving metropolis was the most developed and biggest city in Asia during the 1930s and even today, everyone is looking to Shanghai as the ‘new’ capitalist China with neck arching skyscrapers and a booming economy with one of the highest concentrations of home grown tycoons in the country. New residential developments are sprouting up to accommodate the influx of both domestic and international migrants and competition for jobs are contested for by the thousands. There is a proverbial saying which goes ‘Shanghai is heaven for the rich, hell for the poor’. Everyone from fisherman seeking blue collared jobs  to university graduates drawn to the bright lights of the city, everyone wants a piece of Shanghai. 

Shanghai is an intriguing blend of East and West, some would draw the comparison to another cosmopolitan Asian city – Hong Kong. While you can still see traditional Chinese architecture spotted across the city, there is an obvious western motif present throughout the city, as a result of the concession of many districts to Western powers at the turn of the 20th century. In Shanghai, you would find European-style cityscapes, tempting, tree-lined neighbourhoods, and 1930s buildings reminiscent of New York against the skyline of futuristic looking Pǔdōng. 


Viewed as a mystical city of the Orient, Shanghai once played host to foreign explorers who flocked here in great numbers. After the losing the First Opium War, China had to open up the city to trade as treaty ports. Despite its acrimonious beginnings and evocative past, Shanghai with its feet on the accelerator has soared past all expectations, outpacing nearby treaty ports like Hangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing whom were regarded as far more important cities and became undeniably the focus of the region.

As part of its concession, Shanghai gave up areas to the Germans, French, Italians, Russians, Austrians-Hungarians, Japanese, the Americans and British. That blip in Chinese history played an important role in shaping Shanghai’s cityscape. Although underneath all that western architecture if you look hard enough, you can still see old Shanghai. No jaw dropping imperial palaces here but you can find traditional temples tucked away in alleys, with street markets, old residential houses and pockets of classical Chinese gardens.

Frasers Hospitality

Shanghai is one of the few places in the world where you can go from sipping a $25 cherry martini in a fancy upscale bar to slurping $2 beef noodles soup in a make shift street stall outside a market in a blink of an eye. Where you can live in a $8 million designer penthouse overlooking the Bund or cramp in a 20 by 20 feet room sleeping on bunk beds with eight other people. Where it wouldn’t be surprising to find a Lamborghini waiting at the lights next to a tricycle stacked up to high heavens with recycling. Come find your own Shanghai today. 

Fraser Residence Shanghai

Frasers Hospitality

Minimalist in style, with airy rooms, subtle colours, Fraser Residence Shanghai is a relaxing, tranquil sanctuary in a vibrant, busy location. Fully redesigned and refurbished, Fraser Residence Shanghai features 324 Gold-Standard, contemporary apartments and excellent facilities. Guests will appreciate the greatly enhanced meeting facilities, high speed Wi-Fi throughout, tempting new F&B options, wellness spa, gym and indoor heated pool. Situated on the Puxi side of the Huangpo River, Fraser Residence Shanghai is just a block from Huaihai Road, Shanghai’s bustling hub for business, shopping and entertainment. Xintiandi, with its iconic boutiques, bars and restaurants in historic Shikumen houses is nearby, as is the famous Dongtai Antique Market.

Frasers Hospitality

Our luxurious property is also closed to Yu Garden, Shanghai Old Street, Nanjing Road, People’s Square, Pudong and the Bund. Other landmarks include Shanghai Times Square and Hong Kong Plaza, as well as the Shanghai Art Museum and Grand Theatre. Exploring charming flea markets and bustling hutongs, or the latest architectural marvels, is so easy from this exceptional location.

Frasers Hospitality

Most of the 324 residences features a balcony from where you can enjoy unparalleled city views. When the excitement that characterises vivacious Shanghai gets too much to bear, return to the cosy comfort offered by Fraser Residence Shanghai. With designer décor, innovative lifestyle concepts and plush furnishings, you know you have picked the right home for you, and your family. Not in the mood to cook? There are the restaurant and café downstairs. Feel like having vigorous fun? – you can head for the indoor swimming pool, gymnasium or tennis court. With everything you need right at your doorstep, ‘staying at home’ is an attractive option every time.

We offer various layouts to suit your lifestyle needs:

  • Studio Deluxe
  • Studio Executive
  • One Bedroom Deluxe
  • One Bedroom Executive
  • Two Bedroom Deluxe
  • Two Bedroom Executive
  • Two Bedroom Penthouse
  • Three Bedroom Penthouse

At Fraser Residence Shanghai, no detail escapes us. This is why careful attention is afforded to everything from concept to design and delivery, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience for all residents.

Frasers Hospitality

The features include:

  • Fully furnished serviced residence with integrated living, dining, kitchen and bedroom areas
  • Air-conditioning and heating with individually controlled thermostats
  • iPod docking station
  • High speed Wi-Fi and broadband Internet access
  • Washing machine and dryer

So book a stay with us the next time you visit Shanghai!


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