Sporting Holidays

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Sailing the Carian coast

Already mastered the sea around Baja in Mexico or taken off to the South of France for a boating weekend? Try Turkey’s Carian coast next. On a spring morning, the waters are a pristine turquoise around the coast and a mysterious imperial blue further off. The wind stokes a languid murmur in the pines on the hills as you drift on your yacht and watch the birds floating against a spotless sky. The winds are given to reach the ideal speed of 15 to 20 knots, and both the hardened enthusiast and the first-timer find something to occupy themselves with. The advantage here rather than the much more expensive spots on the French Riviera, or the Italian coast, is that the tourism sector is relatively disorganised. Don’t be surprised if a hawking boat suddenly arrives from one of the beach shacks to lure you towards their thick yoghurt dip or a bowl of teeming, hot çorba (lentil soup). The Turks live passionately and expect you to share in their verve for life, whatever your intentions before arriving might have been. Also, the city of Bodrum — historically called Caria from which the coast derives its name — is less than a five hours drive from Istanbul. –

Where to stay
Fraser Place Anthill Istanbul, set in the Sisli district.

Running through Parisian lanes

Frasers HospitalityWho would have imagined that the city of love could be a runner’s dream-come-true? The French regard faire du sport or being active very highly (along with faire l’amour, of course). Its capital Paris is packed with high-flying
residents who frequently don their running shorts to pack in a brisk jog before the start of the day, often with a Chihuahua trailing them on a leash. The former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, was recently spotted huffing
in the Bois du Boulogne. The pavements are spotlessly clean, and the rest of the year is an easy glide. While you settle into a meditative rhythm along the Quai d’Orsay, for example, and your heels go clap-clap on the cobbled
stones, don’t miss your date with history. Be sure to devour the buildings and the other million vestiges of the time gone by with your eyes. Alternatively, join the radical Club d’Athleticisme (Sporting Club) Les Moustiques in the 12th arrondisement, who, with their unconventional
name (which literally means The Mosquitoes) and their unswerving commitment to running, have made a reputation of sorts for themselves. –

Where to stay
Fraser Suites Paris Le Claridge Champs-Elysées; Fraser Suites Harmonie, La Defense, Paris.

Frasers Hospitality

Cycling through Korean countryside

Here’s a perfect circuit that does not break your back, while being rigorous enough to have something to boast to your friends about. The Koreans have for long cultivated the zen-like art of zipping for hours on a mean mechanical two- heeler. Cycling in the Korean countryside is something that every free soul should do once in his lifetime. Seoul to Busan, two of the most important cities, is just around 500 kms and manageable under a week. Nothing beats the exhilaration of having your shirt sleeves flap in the frenetic gusts of fresh, mountain wind. You need not take the highway, and there are plenty of village tracks that let you see the blooming dales and the furry purple-crusted foliage. In between, you can always stop off for a cup of green tea with a breakfast of some boiled silkworm larvae. The vegetarians, of course, have kimchi (pickled cabbage) to gorge on. Best time to visit: Mid-September to October, which are the autumn months. –

Where to stay
Fraser Suites Insadong, Seoul.

Hitting the bull’s eye in Dubai

Frasers Hospitality

For long, top executives have been known to practise archery as a means of focusing their concentration, and hitting the bull’s eye with their decisions every time. Dubai has recently emerged as a one-stop destination for all pleasures, that of the perfect aim included. Archery is catching on as a vogue among expatriates and other executives in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Archers is a club that allows you to start at the beginner’s level and progressively move towards mastery of the game. With fibre glass and wooden bows provided, you are given expert instruction at the ultra-modern Dubai Country Club. –

Where to stay
Fraser Suites Dubai, located in Dubai Media City

Frasers hospitality

Riding through Australia’s mid north coast

All discerning equestrians know this secret. Australia’s Mid-North Coast has stealthily budged its way to become the first choice for those who like to combine the pleasures of the saddle with nature’s delights. With as little as 275 kms from Sydney, it is a matter of time before the vast horse riding public of Australia and indeed that of the world makes its way there. Hire for yourself a cask-coloured beauty, from a group called Southern Cross Horse Treks, savour the rhythm of her muscles churning out distances effortlessly underneath you, and see the mysterious eucalyptuses rise for miles and miles with their gummy smells permeating the forests. The area is dotted with farms, logging trails, mysterious rainforests and exotic species of birds, and never for a moment will you think again of one of the more mainstream destinations. Best time to visit: April to September. –

Where to stay
Fraser Suites Sydney, located on Kent Street


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