Celebrate Lunar New Year (Tet) in vietnam!

In Vietnam, New Year (known as Tet) is widely celebrated as much as the other parts of the world. If you happen to be in the city or staying with us at Capri by Fraser Ho Chi Minh City or even Fraser Suites Hanoi, this is one great place you wouldn’t want to miss:

Nguyen Hue flower street. Famous for its flower festival and highlight during the Tet period, the flower streets will be bustling with both local and tourists alike. Be sure to take a slow stroll and enjoy the spectacular display of flowers from all over. If you would like to get some for decoration, flowers such as Peach flower, Ochna integerrima and Marumi kumquat will make perfect choices.

Other performances will be held in and around the streets, and they are all open to public.Image

For those who are not familiar with the Tet celebrations, like any other countries, it begins its celebration on 31st January. While we reign in the new year of the lunar calendar, here are some traditions which are interesting to note!

1. “Li Xi” is a traditional custom pass down from generations, whereby young children will receieve red packets from the adults and elders. In these red packets, money are placed in them which signifies good fortune to the receiever. The red colour that is used for the red packets will then symbolise good luck and prosperity.


2. Tet is also one such festival which celebrates Harmony, Peace and Prospertity within family and friends. It is therefore good to know a couple of auspicious phrases and spread well-wished to your loved ones (it might help in receiving more red packets too!)

3. As tet is a festival of joy and good bringings, one is encouraged to wear clothes of vibrant colours. Red, yellow, pink, blue, purple and so on, but do remember to avoid black as much as possible. Put on ‘happier’ clothes and be in the mood!

4. Festive Food – Tet is never complete with Banh Chung, a local rice cake delicacy made from sticky rice, filled with yellow mung beans and pork all wrapped in banana leaves. There is even a story behind this delicacy which makes it one of the most symbolic food for Tet.


Well, if you are looking for a getaway during this coming festive period, be sure to stay with us at Capri by Fraser Ho Chi Minh City and you will experience much more of the traditions and mood just being in the city itself. The streets have all been decked with festive lightnings and decorations, which changes year after year.

Imageimage source: (http://hcm.eva.vn/di-dau-xem-gi/sai-gon-nhon-nhip-chung-don-thoi-khac-vang-c40a164437.html)

Imageimage source: (http://www.baomoi.com/Sai-Gon-trang-hoang-ruc-ro-don-nam-moi/137/12787045.epi)

Have a great Tet, and lunar new year!

For more information on Capri by Fraser, Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam, (http://hochiminhcity.capribyfraser.com)
For more information on Fraser Suites Hanoi,


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