Embracing cultural diversity: Around the World


It’s World Day for Cultural Diversity tomorrow! As a tribute, we’ve outlined various wedding traditions around the world.

The Chinese tea ceremony is a symbolic introduction of the bride to the groom’s family. The tea ceremony set up includes a tea box, lotus leaf (to signify harmony and togetherness), and seashells (to signify wealth). The groom’s family members sit while the newlyweds kneel before them and serve tea to them. They repeat this from the oldest family members to the youngest, and receive red envelopes with money or jewelry.

A traditional Shinto Japanese wedding ceremony is usually held in a shrine and symbolizes the union of both the bride and groom and their two families. It is thus a private affair. The couple exchange sake during this ceremony, and afterward, attends an elaborate (and more public) wedding reception. During this reception, the bride will change clothes several times.

Middle East
In Oman, the bride and groom are usually separated during the wedding. The groom and his male relatives and friends attend the “mulkah”, a ceremony held in a mosque. After this ceremony, the bride and groom are considered married and can be seen in public together.

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