Best shopping spots in Dubai, Osaka, Beijing, London and Singapore!



The mid-year is just around the corner, and it’s a good time to take a break before powering through the next half of 2014! Just in case you’re planning a trip, we’ve listed the top shopping events and spots to look forward to:


Spurned from the very successful Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises is a held each year from end June to end August. During this period, there are sales in shops all over Dubai. In many of Dubai’s malls, there are also theaters, art galleries and child minding centers, just in case you’re all shopped out.


America-Mura is primarily known as a nightlife spot, but it has a plethora of small boutiques that line the streets. There’s food, drink and shopping to be had! Another spot good for shopping is Rinku Town, a small city within Osaka Prefecture, which offers shopping and entertainment with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Worth a mention is Rinku Premium Outlets, which is home to over 150 stores.


Keen on street shopping? Check out Nanluogu Xiang in Gulou, which is chockfull of boutiques, cafes, bars and souvenir shops. You’ll even find vintage wear and cool tee shirts along the way!


London is home to large glitzy shopping streets, including Oxford Street. This is where the largest brands have shop fronts, and is one of the most popular shopping destinations. However, if you’re looking for something more underground, try Portobello Market in West London, which has a wide selection of antiques, fruits and vegetables, fashion and second-hand items.


Good news to all! The Great Singapore Sale is just around the corner (30 May to 27 July) and it’s safe to stay every store will feature a range of items on sale. It’s a good time to visit Singapore if you love shopping!


And of course, no shopping experience will be complete without a warm and cozy place to return to at night to rest and relax. For a list of Frasers properties around the world, visit: Let us make you feel at home during your mid-year holidays!


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