Celebrating fathers

dadIt’s Father’s Day and to celebrate, we look at the best and most quirky Father’s Day traditions around the world!

1. Thailand

Father’s Day in Thailand is rather known to be the celebration of the King’s birthday. On this day, the Thais dress in the colour of the King, pink, to honour His’ majesty!

2.  Brazil

In Brazil, Father’s Day is a day to fill the stomach! Huge feasts of roasted beef, chicken, sausage and pork – all to celebrate Dad.

3. Mexico

Mexicans celebrates their dads in the most active way! Every year, a 21-kilometer race takes place where fathers and family members participate.

 4. Germany

Father’s Day in Germany is mainly celebrated outdoors. Also “Man’s Day” in German, the day begins when men take a hike carrying with them wagons full of food and alcohol. Later, the men celebrate by passing the day in beer gardens.

5. Japan 

Flowers are a huge part of a Father’s Day celebration in Japan. Children also give their dads handmade beer glasses and Japanese candies or a box of Japanese sweets.

We hope you would already have something up your sleeves for your dads on Father’s Day this year! No matter how you might be celebrating it, Frasers Hospitality would like to wish you a good one, Dads!


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