Year in Review: Most Anticipated Concerts


The middle of the year is here! We’re in the thick of work, and sometimes, we need a little entertainment to keep us going through to year-end. Here, we look at the most anticipated concerts/tours in the second half of the year. We also look back at the best tour/concerts since January 2014.

What: Moonshine Jungle Tour
When: June 22, 2013 – October 18, 2014
Who: Bruno Mars
What: The Neon Lights Tour
When: February 9 – May 17
Who: Demi Lovato

What: Ryan Tedder & Co.’s Native Tour
When: May 17 – August 30
Who: OneRepublic

What: Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s On the Run Tour
When: June 25 – August 5
Who: Jay-Z and Beyonce

What: The Where We Are Tour with 5 Seconds of Summer
When: April 25 – October 5
Who: One Direction

What: The pop star’s Prismatic Tour
When: June 22 – October 10
Who: Katy Perry

What: JT’s never-ending 20/20 Experience tour
When: July 9 – August 12
Who: Justin Timberlake

What: The Gospel Tour with Walk the Moon
When: July 18 – August 28
Who: Panic! At The Disco

What and Who: Queen + Adam Lambert Tour
When: June 19 – July 20

What: Demi: World Tour
When: September 6 – October 25
Who: Demi Lovato

What: Britney: Piece of Me
When: August 2014 – February 2015
Who: Britney Spears

No prizes for guessing who has toured the longest!


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