Out and about… Sydney, Australia


Also known as Harbour City, Sydney is the largest, oldest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia with an enviable reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful and liveable cities. Brimming with history, nature, culture, art, fashion, cuisine, design, it is set next to miles of ocean coastline and sandy surf beaches. This makes it a popular tourist destination among those who like their balanced dose of city life and nature.

Bondi Beach

Derived from an aboriginal word that means ‘surf’, Bondi is Sydney’s most famous beach. With a crescent-shaped bay of powder white sand, a coastline that spans nearly one kilometre, and big waves that surfers love to chase, it is little wonder why both locals and tourists love coming here for a day of sun, surf and fun. Spanning the length of the beach are bustling cafes and restaurants, hotels and apartments with spectacular views, and shops that peddle souvenirs for visitors.


Sydney Opera House

The iconic building is considered to be one of the wonders of modern architecture: the structure’s sloping white roofs make the performing arts centre appear as if it’s a giant ship setting out to sea. The complex was completed in 1973, while a 2004 renovation added walls of glass to the reception hall, offering visitors views of the harbour. In addition to the 1,500-seat opera house, the centre features a concert hall and three other theatres as well as multiple bars and restaurants.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Built in 1932, the steel arch bridge that spans across the Sydney Harbour carries rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district and the North Shore. Standing 134m above sea level, it is the highest arch bridge in the world. Since 1998, the BridgeClimb has made it possible for hardy visitors to ascend to the top of the arch. Participants are equipped with protective clothing and secured to a wire lifeline during the three-and-a-half hour climb and descent. Go for the dusk session for lovely sunset views of Sydney Harbour.

The experience

Whale Watching

Where else in the world can you get the best of urban and wild-life, witnessing giant ocean mammals breaching while surrounded on every side by some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks? Sydney’s coastline is part of the annual Humpback whale migration paths from Antarctica to the Coral sea. From mid May to Early December they can be seen in the waters of the coast and on rare occasions swimming into Sydney Harbour itself.

Taronga Zoo

The Taronga Zoo is a must-do for animal and wildlife lovers in Sydney, as it features on of the widest range of animals on offer in Australia: over 2,600 animals on 28.7 hectares of land. Taronga Zoo’s 340 different species of animal are divided into eight zoogeographic regions and housed within numerous indoor pavilions and outdoor exhibits.



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