On the Rise: China

On a business or #frasersholiday trip to China any time soon?

Take a closer look at its second-tier hotspots such as Suzhou, Tianjian and Wuxi.


Often dubbed the ‘Oriental Venice’ the historical city of Suzhou is a treasure trove of bridges spanning pretty canals and streams.


Created by wealthy families and emperors, centuries-old classical gardens Lingering Garden and The Humble Administrator’s Garden are must-sees!


Suzhou’s signature dishes include Squirrel-Shaped Mandarin Fish and whitebait soup. Tasty traditional snacks such as plum blossom cakes can be enjoyed from street vendors.


Where else but Modena Jinjihu Suzhou, set in the heart of the city of Suzhou!

FS Suzhou-resized


Prosperous Tianjin is not only one of China’s largest cities, it is also one of its most international.


Take a spin on the Tianjin Eye, China’s version of the London Eye and also the only ferris wheel in the world to be built on a bridge.


For traditional tidbits like goubuli stuffed bun, guifaxiang fried dough twist and erduoyan fried cake, visit Nanshi Food Street.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the most authentic halal food in the city, visit Hui Fan Lou in Heping District.


Located in the heart of Tianjin, Modena Heping Tianjin is within walking distance to the city’s dining, shopping and entertainment centre.

Modena Heping Tianjin-resized


Wuxi is famed for its natural beauty and is home to scenic mountains and lakes. The city is divided by the picturesque Lake Taihu, a vast expanse dotted with islands and pretty coves.


For the best views across the lake, climb the Dragon Light Pagoda in Xihui Park. The fascinating Shanjuan Cave complex, meanwhile, can be explored by boat and has a breathtaking 120m high waterfall. Don’t miss the Lingshan Grand Buddha, one of the symbols of the city, standing over 80 metres tall.


Wuxi Kao Ya Guan serves local cuisine and is famous for its signature roast duck.

For more casual dining, Wangxingji Snack Bar is the place for tender crabmeat dumplings and pork wontons.


Modena New District Wuxi is designed specifically for business executives and families who appreciate high-tech and home comforts.

Modena New District Wuxi Lobby-resized


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