History of Fraser Suites Edinburgh

Let’s take a look into the remarkable history and unique character of the home of Fraser Suites Edinburgh, one of our properties with the most iconic façade.

Fraser Suites’ buildings are on the site of two medieval closes – Sellar’s Close, which ran along the same line as the current St Giles Street, and Brown’s Close, which now lies buried beneath the suites.

In 1765, Sellar’s Close appears as ‘Sellers’s Close’ on a map of Edinburgh, suggesting that it was named after the street’s cellars which were later used for the storage and sale of porter ales. These ancient cellars remain to this day, concealed from public view within the foundations of the Fraser Suites.

FS Edinburgh_facade1

Sellar’s Close today (where Fraser Suites now stands)

Fraser Suites Edinburgh is Frasers Hospitality’s first boutique hotel, in the homeland of the founders of our former parent company Fraser and Neave.

In 1833, Scots John Fraser and David Chalmers Neave formed Fraser and Neave Ltd in 1883 after travelling to Singapore where they set up the Singapore and Straites Aerated Water Company.

Opening Fraser Suites Edinburgh was a landmark for the company, in fact it was seen as our homecoming!

FS Edinburgh_living2  FS Edinburgh_living3
FS Edinburgh_restaurant2


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