Cycling – the new exploration on wheels


Photo credit: @frankiefoto

It used to be a daily past time for us after school. After we’re done with our homework, we’ll grab our bicycles and head towards the park to meet the other kids in the neighbourhood. Need to run errands quick? Take our bikes and head out. Is a friend too lazy to walk back home? No problem, they ride pillion and we accompany them home.

Somewhere along the way, when we started to grow up, cycling stopped becoming a mode of transport. Trains, buses, cars, taxis came along and yes, they did make public transport easier and more efficient. Besides, who wants to go anywhere all sweaty after a bike ride, right?

The great Sir David Attenborough once said, ‘If I can bicycle, I bicycle.’

 And why not?


There are many reasons why cycling is beneficial for you:

  • Cycling saves money – a bicycle is cheaper to buy and maintain than a car
  • Biking can actually make you smarter – it improves your ability to retain information and ability to concentrate
  • Cycling is becoming easier each year – thanks to building and upgrading bike paths in cites
  • Cycling helps the environment
  • Cycling helps burn calories even after you’ve stopped



Our two top reasons why cycling is the best mode of transport are:

  • Cycling connects you to your neighbourhood and the environment

It not only get’s you from Point A to B but it gives you a new perspective of people and the places around you. You tend to see your surroundings in a different light. Things you’ve never noticed before. Your face is not buried in your phone anymore. You’re no longer disconnected with your community. You cycle to see and explore

  • You don’t even need to buy a bike in most countries

Big cities, such as Copenhagen, London, Melbourne and San Francisco have implemented a bike share scheme. This makes ‘owning’ a bike easier without the commitment. Some countries, to encourage more riders, will be happy to loan bikes for a small fee.

Casual Business Man Cycling Through City In A Suite.jpg

Photo credit: Ed Gregory

So there you have it. With the world embracing the humble 2 – wheel machine once again, there is no reason for you not to as well. Go forth and pedal hard.

Explore on two wheels

 Set about exploring your host-city on two wheels with the Fraser Hospitality bike loan service. Available in selected properties, guests can hire bicycles to get to the office or simply sightsee or exercise.

Capri by Fraser Changi City (20).jpg

Bicycle hires are available in these Fraser properties

Capri by Fraser, Changi City/ Singapore bike loan scheme

Residents can hire bikes between 7 am and 7 pm daily. Take a leisurely ride to East Coast Park, via the park connectors. For those based at Changi business Park, it’s possible to cycle to work. Helmets are provided and loans are available on a first come first serve basis at the reception.

The following properties also offer a bike loan service:

  • Capri by Fraser, Ho Chi Minh City/ Vietnam
  • Fraser Suites Perth









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