A Lady’s Essential Guide to Solo Travel

Riding on the surge in solo female travel, we believe it’s important to address this topic. The reality is independent travel can be both an intimidating experience and an enriching one of self-discovery. With potential anxiety and safety concerns about, we believe a little preparation can go a long way.

  1. Plan ahead
    Plan ahead.jpeg

    Research, research, research. Be it places of interest or for personal safety, It’s vital to understand your destination to help you plan where to go or what to do if anything goes wrong. Some notable examples include checking if there are any areas you should avoid at night, typical tourist scams, and cultural norms different from your home country.

    Diving into the start of your trip, it’s best to know how to arrive at your accommodation and its service offerings as they will be your first point of contact.

  2. Go mobile
    Go mobile.jpeg

    Instead of holding on to sheets of paper, go mobile! Keep a copy of your itinerary, hotel details and other important travel information on the Cloud (e.g. Google Drive) and share it with your friends and family at home. Besides having them at your fingertips, on the go, this lets your loved ones know where you’ll be and where you’re off to next.

    Social media may also be your best friend. Stay in touch with loved ones as you curate little anecdotes of your trip. It doesn’t hurt to find little tips and haunts from the locals as well.

  3. Live local
    Live local.jpeg

    Blending in is one of the top tips any seasoned traveller would give. Unless you’re going for a function or are in line for a ride in a theme park, it’s best to keep your outfits basic i.e. avoid flashy jewellery and tourist tees. Take in recommendations from your front desk, waiters or baristas and learn to live as the locals do. Listen in, observe and try some local delights. In doing so, you’d avoid attracting unwanted attention and truly immerse yourself in the city’s experience.

  4. Travel in daylight
    Travel in Daylight 2.jpeg

    Fact: it is much more likely to run into incidents at night than in the day. So if you are intending to embark on long journeys (e.g. cross-country train rides) remember to keep safety at top of mind and reserve day trips in advance. Go for trusted, well-reviewed transportation and even private cabins that can be locked. This applies to both departure and arrival – always plan to arrive at your destination while it’s still bright out.

  5. Travel light
    Travel light.jpeg

    Pack only what you need, and carry only what you must. Most travellers today carry their mobile phones, cameras and laptops on the go. Keep your possessions close to your body and take care not to flash them around. This too can attract unwanted attention from thieves.

    Consider bringing versatile items to suit you for example: a trusty backpack, a pair of black gym tights and a pretty sports bra for longer days out.

    Instead of carrying everything together with you, split them up! Have an ID card within reach while keeping your passport well-concealed when travelling between destinations, split your money between your luggage and hand-carry bag as back-up.

  6. Go explore
    Go explore.jpeg

    You’ve made it all the way there now. Get out there and have some fun! Take on the activities you want to do, places you want to visit, food you want to try without worrying about another’s opinion. Discover what the city has to offer, your way.

There you have it, our top 5 essential guidelines to stick by when travelling on your own! Albeit common, these serve as an emphasis to build your confidence on independent travel. What are your top guidelines to travel by?

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