4 Cities to Start Your Discovery of New China

Think China is all about The Great Wall, kung fu and Oolong tea? Think again! As one of the four great ancient civilisations of the world, the evolution of the Red Dragon takes you on a journey that’s a unique blend of ancient culture and modern skylines. With nature, traditional architecture, nightlife and more – here are four cities to kickstart your discovery of New China!

  1. Shanghai
    Fig. 1: Cityscape of Shanghai as viewed from above

    Wondering where to start? Zoom in onto Shanghai! Better known as the gateway to China, Shanghai is the country’s largest economic and trade center. The city oozes an atmosphere of modernity and vitality. Standing in the frontline of China’s economic development and with its prosperous cosmopolitan features, the Pudong area is guaranteed to wow visitors.

    What’s most interesting is Shanghai retains China’s last vestige of its colonial past, creating this special blend of East and West. Of the city’s key highlights, we recommend your top must-visit attractions include the Bund’s symbolic colonial architecture, YuYuan, Zhujiajiao Water Town and the city’s gorgeous nightlife.

    After a long day out exploring, treat your tired feet to a nice soak back at Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai. With state-of-the-art facilities to meet the demanding lifestyle of road warriors today, Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai is also only four stops away from Jingan Temple, connecting inter-city travellers via the Metro Station Line 7 and Shanghai Train Station. How’s that for comfort and convenience in a cosmopolitan city?

  2. Binhai, Tianjin
    Binhai, Tianjin.jpg
    Fig. 2: Cityscape of Tianjin as viewed from above

    Down by the west coast of Bohai Sea, you will find Binhai – one of Tianjin’s newly established districts. International tourists worldwide are increasingly learning about this city via their global cruising route’s port of call at Tanggu, the centre of Binhai.

    Fresh and functional, Binhai paves the way for New China with its 9 industrial districts. If you’re sent to visit on business, you should visit their new specialised areas of commerce such as the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area, Binhai Tourism Zoen, Zhongxin Eco City and more. Explore beyond on your off-days and you will find historical relics, natural scenery, temples, churches, assembly halls and commemorative sites of the Chinese revolution of Tianjin just a short ride away!

    So in case you were feeling unsure about this new city, don’t worry. Pack away and be welcomed to Binhai with us at  Fraser Place Binhai Tianjin, opening August 2017. If you prefer some place closer to Tianjin’s main entertainment area after your conferences, check out Fraser Place Tianjin! Located close to the historic Nankai district and Olympic Center Stadium, you may find XiQing Economic Development District, Ao Cheng Entertainment Area and Tianjin Water Park within a 15-min walk. How’s that for business-leisure convenience?

  3. Shenzhen
    Fig. 3: Marvel at the view from Nanchang Tengwang Pavilion, Shenzhen

    Shopping, museums and theme parks – Shenzhen is one of the largest global manufacturing hubs with much to offer families, independent travellers and bleisure travellers alike. Travel here to discover the city’s rich history, food, art and adventure.

    How about starting your trip with a visit to the Window of the World? Then perhaps go on to Chinese Town East and Minsk World’s Military Theme Park,before wandering around Pedestrian Street. Satisfy the tech geek in you by exploring Huaqiangbei Wholesale Market. Top off your Shenzhen experience by visiting the Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches.

    After a long day exploring one of China’s most vibrant cities, relax and re-energize at the chic Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen. For the more discerning traveller, luxe Fraser Suites Shenzhen opens in November 2017. Coupled with Fraser Place Shekou, Shenzhen, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to unwind!

  4. Dalian
    Fig. 4: A bird’s eye view of Bang Chui Dao Island, Dalian

    Did you know – Dalian held the title of China’s Best Tourist City by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation in 2007? Also known as the Northern Pearl, Dalian is one of the most popular cities in China attracting several domestic and international travellers – especially from Japan, Korea and Russia.

    Unlike historical Beijing or Xi’an, you will find the city’s laid-back allure through beautiful beaches and museums. Immerse in its gorgeous modern ambience and start your trip by visiting Tiger Beach, Xinhai Beach, Bang Chui Dao Island, Laobutan Scenic Park, Zhongshan square, and more!

    Come explore the sights and sounds of Dalian with your family and friends! Start planning your trip now and stay with us at Fraser Suites Dalian, opening January 2018.

There you have it – your gateway into New China. Ever travelled to these cities? Or perhaps you’ve been to other unique Chinese cities? Share your experiences with us below!


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