Top Asian Cities to Explore by Foot

This is for all travellers who’d love to explore Asia on two feet and a beat. Whether it be the views you’d get to see, safety, or accessibility to dining delights, these cities have to be the top amongst Asia for walk-exploration. In no particular order, come on down to discover these top Asian cities from street-view!

Osaka, Japan

Osaka Castle_Final.jpgWalking towards Osaka Castle (Credit: Shutterstock)

Looking to explore Japan this coming Christmas? Osaka and the country’s Nankai region are one of the most beautiful places in the country, definitely a must-visit! Food’s delicious, streets and toilets are spotless, and in a generally safe country – what’s not to love? Discover the array of shopping options and attractions surrounding your stay at Fraser Residence Nankai, Osaka. Head down to Namba City for all your shopping needs, and down towards Dotonbori for the Hozen-ji Temple and Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Street. Famous sights like the awe-inspiring Osaka Castle and dining options are just a quick stride or train away. The best part? Japan is known for its very low crime rate relative to that of other countries, but it’s always good to be aware of your surroundings. That said, feel free to explore the streets at ease!

When night falls, all that’s left is to feel comforted back at Fraser Residence Nankai, Osaka!

Hanoi, Vietnam

Tran Quoc Pagoda, Hanoi_Final.jpgVisit Tran Quoc Pagoda, Hanoi’s oldest temple (Credit: Shutterstock)

Come take on the charming Vietnamese capital and its graceful collage of French, Chinese and local cultural influences! Beneath its picturesque pagodas and lakes, you’ll find a glimpse of Hanoian resilience through the layers of French and Chinese occupations. As you step out of Fraser Suites Hanoi to a spectacular morning view of Westlake, navigate around ubiquitous merchants to first the Tran Quoc Pagoda or to the Old Quarter with its myriad of entertainment options!

Dive into a cultural retreat, check out their local market wares and uncover the hustle and bustle of the city! If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always check with our concierge over at Fraser Suites Hanoi.


Stroll along the Jubilee Bridge at Marina Bay (Credit:

Step into a cityscape that looks like it’s taken a page from a sci-fi novel! If you’re taking the day to explore the city’s most popular tourist attractions, find them nestled along the stretch down Robertson Walk to Gardens by the Bay. Just a short walk out of the idyllic waterfront from your stay, you don’t have to look far for a iconic view of Singapore’s past.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the heart of the city, there’s no place more centralised and convenient than the iconic Orchard Road – Singapore’s retail, dining and entertainment haven. And when you’re done shopping, find another urban garden hidden just 10 minutes away! The sprawling Singapore Botanic Gardens are sure to calm your senses after a hectic day out.

Discover which of our Singaporean locations suit your needs and interests best over here!

Seoul, South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul_Final.jpg
Try on a hanbok and walk around Gyeongbukgong Palace, Seoul (Credit:

Welcome to the fashion- and technology-forward cultural hub of South Korea that is Seoul. Mirroring its Western influence most from the United States, the city boasts a unique blend of open-mindedness and traditionalism unlike any other in Asia. Also known as a 24-hour city, Seoul has plenty to offer at any point of the day.

Start your day with the grandeur of Namdaemun Gate and a temple visit, before gallery-hopping or tea-sipping experiences. When night falls, head on down to the buzzing Dongdaemun or Namdaemun markets, two of central Seoul’s most famous to relish in the Korean night shopping experience. Explore the city’s contrasting scenes from our 2 centralised residences, in Namdaemun and Central. Take in the city’s sights depending on your preferred walking route, plan your trip with our Seoul residences here!

Bangkok, Thailand

Khao San Street Bangkok_Final.jpg
Take in the local sights of Khao San Street, Bangkok (Credit:

Unwind in the bustle that gave this Land of a Thousand Smiles its name! Bangkok’s an impressive epicentre of tourist attractions with its many monasteries, fine arts, swanky restaurants, hip nightlife and more. This vibrant city is boasts an exotic blend of culture and heritage. Swing down the romantic Chao Phraya River, intertwining with the city it flows through, or explore Sukhumvit just surrounding your stay. Be sure to catch their street stalls and rooftop bars for a true Bangkok experience! If you’re looking to discover other areas of Bangkok, come find your preferred residence with us here.

Have you been to these cities before? Tell us your favourite walking recommendations in a comment below!

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